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Meet the General Education Council

The General Education Council is led by:

Andrew Koehl

Director of the Traditional Undergraduate Council:
Andy Koehl


Director of AGE General Education

Santhiny Rajamohan

Director of the First-Year Seminar
Santhiny Rajamohan

Matthew Moore

Director of the Cultural Enrichment Committee
Matt Moore

Amy Kovach

Director of the Honors Program
Amy Kovach

Laura Scavo

Representative of the Learning Center
Laura Scavo

Eight traditional undergraduate faculty members, each representing one of eight interdisciplinary clusters as follows:

  • Department of Music and Performing Arts, and Department of Visual Arts: Romy Hosford
  • Department of Psychology, and Department of Criminal Justice: Kirby Trask
  • Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences, and Department of Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics: Gary Raduns
  • Department of Language and Literature, and Department of Communication: Maria Villodre
  • Department of Religion and Philosophy, and Department of History: RJ Stansbury
  • School of Nursing: Patricia Myers
  • School of Education and Social Work: Diana Abbott
  • School of Business: Dan Barlow