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Curriculum Structure

BELL Students work closely with support staff throughout the program to self-determine goals in academic, social, and vocational areas as steps toward meeting their overall program goals. Students create and maintain a portfolio that documents their experiences. Each student presents his or her portfolio as the culminating experience at program completion.

The program design is founded on a person-centered planning approach for each student and includes academic, social, and vocational experiences that are created to foster exploration and personal growth.

The four semester program is designed to include a total of 60 Continuing Education Credits (CEU)* in the following five areas of focus: 

  • Academic
  • Vocational
  • Social
  • Functional Academic Experiences (Independent Living Skills)
  • Elective Experiences

*1 CEU = 15 clock hours. Target is 3 CEU per focus area per semester, or 12 CEU over the course of the program in each of five focus areas for a total of 60 CEU. 

Successful completion of the program leads to a Certificate awarded by Roberts Wesleyan College, which indicates that students have met specific competencies in each of these areas.