Full Tuition Scholarships | Global Honors Program

Academic Scholarship Weekend

Qualified accepted students will be invited to the Academic Scholarship Weekend to celebrate their outstanding academic accomplishments and explore the amazing opportunities at Roberts Wesleyan College.

To be invited to Academic Scholarship Weekend, a student must:

  • Be accepted to Roberts Wesleyan College
  • Meet one of the following standardized test requirements:
    • A minimum 1,130 SAT (critical reading and math combined) from the old SAT test (Pre-March 2016)
    • A minimum 1,200 SAT (critical reading and math combined) from the new SAT test (March 2016 and after) in accordance with the May 2016 concordance table
    • A minimum ACT composite score of 26
  • Have a minimum high school grade point average of 3.5 or 90%  
  • RSVP by January 20

This invitation-only event takes place on the Roberts campus and in historic downtown Rochester on February 3-4. During this weekend, you will also have the opportunity to apply for two unique opportunities at Roberts Wesleyan College:

  1. BT Roberts Scholarship | You could be one of three students to receive a full-tuition scholarship (after financial aid). The award will be determined based on an interview, essay, SAT/ACT scores and high school academic performance. You must attend the Academic Scholarship Weekend to be eligible for this award. The three recipients of this award will be notified by March 6.
  2. Global Honors Program | Experience the world with the Global Honors Program!
    • Year One – Explore Rochester’s rich history, and study the interconnectedness of historical events, religions, and ethical issues around the world.
    • Year Two – Experience literature, art, and music in a global context.
    • Summer 2019 – Participate in a three-week, all-expense-paid course in Brazil.

During This Weekend:

Interview Process

All participants will take part in an interview and essay process. This is used as a basis for the BT Roberts Scholarship and the Global Honors Program. While you may choose whether you wish to be considered for the Global Honors Program, it is expected that all attendees will complete the interview process. If you are unable to attend the weekend, you will still have a chance to apply to the Global Honors Program, but you will not be eligible for the BT Roberts Scholarship.


January 20: RSVP to Academic Scholarship Weekend

February 3 - 4: Academic Scholarship Weekend

March 6: All students notified regarding BT Roberts Scholarship and Global Honors Program decision

March 6 - May 1: 

  • Global Honors Program - In order to secure your place in the Global Honors Program, you must submit an enrollment deposit.
  • BT Roberts Scholarship – The selected recipients must deposit by May 1 to secure their reward. If a deposit is not received or a recipient chooses another institution, the reward will be released to the next person on the wait list.


All students will stay on campus with a student host. Parents from outside of Rochester are encouraged to stay in an area hotel.

Please note: Parents are encouraged to join you for the Weekend’s activities; however, this event is not open to additional family members. If you’d like to invite other family to visit the campus with you, please register for an upcoming Preview Day, or plan an Individual Visit.

Haven't received your invitation? Complete your online application to learn if you are eligible for this exclusive academic experience.