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Report an Incident

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Sexual Misconduct Response Options

Go to a safe place

Call a friend, a campus advocate, a family member or someone else you trust and ask her or him to be with you.

Go immediately to see medical personnel

Either at the Student Health Center or a local hospital Emergency Department.  An individual considering campus and/or law enforcement options against a Respondent should visit a Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner (SAFE) Nurse (also referred to as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) within 96 hours of the incident.  Detailed contact information for such health care providers is listed below.

Take initial steps

Although it may be difficult following a sexual assault, individuals who are considering or may consider legal action should take certain initial steps in order to preserve the option to pursue any type of criminal charges or campus disciplinary process:

    • Do not shower, bathe, douche, or brush teeth, and save all clothing worn at the time of the assault.
    • Place each item of clothing in a separate paper bag. Do not use plastic bags.
    • Do not disturb anything in the area where the assault occurred.

Write down as much as you can remember

about the circumstances of the assault, including a description of the assailant.

Talk confidentially

with a counselor who is trained to assist victims with the emotional and physical impacts of an assault and/or sexual harassment.  See contact information for confidential on- and off-campus resources listed below.

  • The College encourages victims to contact appropriate authorities as soon as that individual is prepared to make a report of the incident, including:
    • the Title IX Coordinator, Monika Robertson, at 585.594.6222 or emailing robertson_monika@roberts.edu;
    • Campus Security by calling 585.594.7777
    • Local law enforcement by dialing 911;
    • New York State Police’s 24/7 hotline staffed by specially-trained responders at 1.844.845.7269

File a Complaint

Click on the link to understand what happens next after submitting a formal complaint to the University, click here.

Any individual may file a complaint of sexual misconduct at any time. Early reporting is encouraged to preserve information and advise victims of rights, options, and resources available to them pursuant to this policy and federal and state laws.

Sexual Assault Resources (Local)

Preserve Evidence/ Report to Police

The College encourages victims to contact appropriate authorities as soon as the individual is prepared to make a report of the incident.  The Title IX Coordinator will assist in facilitating the meeting with law enforcement.

There is a limited window of time (typically 72 to 96 hours) following an incident of sexual assault to preserve physical and other forms of evidence.  Gathering such evidence does not commit an individual to pursue legal action against the assailant, but is important for preserving that option.

Hospitals are not required to report non-identifying information to the College or anyone else. However, hospitals providing care to individuals reporting sexual assault are required to collect and maintain the chain of custody of sexual assault evidence for not less than 30 days unless the patient signs a statement directing the hospital not to collect it.