Student Association

Our Name and Motto:

RWC Student Activities: Serving the Student Body in Christ's Name

Who is SA?

The Student Association is all undergraduate students at Roberts!

The Student Association Leadership Team (S.A.L.T.) plans and integrates student activities so that students can have a full and balanced life outside the classroom. 

Who is on the Student Association Leadership Team?

  • SA President: Taylor Plourde
  • SA Vice President: Meghan Kettinger
  • Campus Ministry Director: Juliana Kettinger
  • Senate Chair: Carter Evans
  • Social Life Director: Sarrah Parker
  • Public Relations Team: Rylie O'Connor, Derick Trost, Becca Farszmil, Lauren Tornow
  • Beacon Chronicle Editors: Michelle Garrett, Colleen Denny, Jillian McMahon
  • Intramurals: Matt Bovee, Andrew Kerwin, Josiah Lyon, Chris VanGorder 
  • 2019 Senior Class Council: Zach Sortore, Alex Zydel, Mikaela O'Brien, Jessica Zdunski
  • 2020 Junior Class Council: Margi Stauble, Mikayla Kent Hartwell, Gabrielle Snyder, Allyson Schumske
  • 2021 Sophomore Class Council: Caleigh Hitchcock, Rafeek Thomas, Lisl Smith, Carly Tracy  
  • 2022 Freshman Class Council: Laura Craddock, Julisa Quinones, Melody Caraballo, Marianna Schrack

How Can I Be Involved in SA at Roberts?

  • You can be a S.A.L.T. leader: they are elected or appointed by the student body
  • You can join a Student Association club or organization (Campus Ministry, Class Council, Beacon Newspaper, Intramurals, etc.)
  • You can create a new club or organization if you see a need

How Can I Find Out More about Student Association?

  • Fill out our Student Activities Interest Survey
  • Contact Brenda Myrthil, Associate Dean for Student Programming & Leadership
  • Take a look at the list of SA leadership positions for an idea of what you can do once you're here
  • See all of the different clubs & organizations you can join when you're a student

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