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About Discovery Events

As a Christian College, we believe that God has created each of us life for a reason and a purpose that connects us with his purposes in the world. We also know that modern life is filled with noise and distractions that often can make it difficult to hear and discern God’s voice from all the other voices calling us in different directions.

At Roberts Wesleyan College we offer three Discovery Events in your early years of college to help you sense and discover God’s calling in your life with a balance between involvement in Christian community and individual reflection and listening.

Through the Discovery Events at Roberts you will learn that your calling is not a self-centered endeavor to simply bring individual fulfillment and satisfaction. Whatever gifts, abilities, strengths, dreams and passions God has given you and you develop are intended to be used to serve God’s purposes and people in the world.

Events Offered

Roberts Wesleyan College’s Discovery Events include three events over the first three semesters of the student experience. Each event builds upon the other and represents a deeper level of reflection for the students. These events include:


Discovery Desserts (Fall Semester, freshman year)

A one-time gathering of freshmen in a faculty/staff home setting designed to help students experience a warm welcome to Roberts and see the Roberts Wesleyan College difference, as we introduce freshmen to the importance of listening to God’s call on their lives and discovering who they are and how they can serve God’s purposes in the world. This event occurs through the First-Year Seminar in order to reach all first-year students.


Discovery Dinners (Spring Semester, freshman year)

Freshmen are invited to a dinner in a faculty/staff home for an extended conversation about “calling” and how students are currently hearing God’s voice or sensing direction in their lives. Students explore calling through listening to one another’s stories in a safe and caring setting.


Discovery Retreat (Fall Semester, sophomore year)

A 2-3 day retreat in an off campus setting serves as an extended time for sophomores to have communal, guided and individual quiet time and space to explore tools for listening to God’s voice and for discovering their “calling.” The retreat focuses on tools for discerning both now and throughout the seasons of life.

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For more information contact the Office of Spiritual Life.

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