All new and transfer student-athletes are required to complete a Health History Form which includes an athletic pre-participation medical history form, physical form and New York State Public Health Law immunizations form before beginning any intercollegiate athletic team participation for Roberts Wesleyan College. Sickle Cell testing is required for all new student-athletes, including transfer student-athletes. A waiver must be signed if test is declined.

All first year and transfer student-athletes trying out for an intercollegiate athletic team are required by the NCAA to have a physical examination completed by their personal physician or qualified health care provider no later than six months prior to the start of their competitive season. Sickle Cell testing is required for all new student-athletes, including transfer student-athletes. A waiver must be signed if test is declined.

Returning student-athletes must complete a Medical History Questionnaire, every year, within 6 months prior to the student-athlete’s first practice as long as there has been no change in health, including injury. If there has been a change during the past year, a physical examination is required. 

All student-athletes

The NCAA requires ALL student-athletes to have personal health care insurance coverage. If not covered by a parent or guardians insurance, student-athletes must obtain personal health care insurance from another provider before participation. Please visit the Health Insurance section for vital information on insurance coverage and completing the insurance confirmation process.

The College Sports Injury Plan is available for all registered student-athletes who are members of the intercollegiate athletic teams. This coverage is intended to supplement a student-athlete’s primary insurance coverage for injuries sustained while participating in any supervised practice, conditioning program, contest, or competition for one of the intercollegiate athletic teams. This is a second policy that will cover “allowed amount” costs that your primary insurance does not, such as deductibles, co-pays, or other expenses. You are responsible for communicating with the coach and the athletic training department to obtain a claim form completed by an athletic trainer verifying that the injury was sustained due to one of the above criteria. It is the student-athlete’s responsibility to submit and manage his/her medical claim process (paperwork) with all supporting documentation. They may seek guidance from the health center.

Medical claims are first processed through the student-athlete personal health insurance coverage which is labeled the primary insurance coverage. After the initial claim is processed through the student-athlete primary insurance and the deductible of $3,000 is met, the claim will be processed through the college athletic insurance plan (secondary coverage) which covers the medical “allowed amount” expenses by 100%.

Roberts Wesleyan College will assume no responsibility whatsoever for the payment of, or authorization to pay, medical expenses resulting from injuries that occur while participating in intercollegiate athletics activities

The Health Center must have all documents on file before participation in sports.  To maintain confidentially and expedite your submission, please send your documents directly to the Health Center via mail, email, or secured fax to (585) 594-6920. Due to significant amount of submissions, the processing and posting may take up to a week.