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AGE (Adult & Graduate Enrollment), NES, and Part-Time Students

All non-traditional part-time or full-time, graduate and undergraduate registered students with 6 or more credit hours in an approved degree or certificate program must comply with the New York State Public Health Law (NYSPHL) immunizations requirements. 

There are six exceptions:

  • A student may be permanently or temporarily exempted from specific required immunizations for medical reasons with documentation.
  • A student may be exempt from any or all of the required immunizations for religious reasons with documentation.
  • Students who were born prior to January 1, 1957, are exempt from the MMR requirements, however, vaccination documentation or declination statement for meningococcal is required.
  • The law does not apply to students enrolled for fewer than six semester hours.
  • Prison inmates enrolled at degree granting institutions while they are incarcerated are also exempt.
  • Students registered for online courses and do not meet on campus or any type of class type setting off-campus are not required to meet the immunization requirements. However, nursing students are mandated to fulfill the NYSPHL Immunization and Nursing Program requirements.

You may obtain the immunizations form and information to assist you in fulfilling your obligation by clicking “AGE (Adult & Graduate Enrollment), NES, and Part-Time Students”. Proof of a physical or Tuberculin screening is not required, unless you are part of the nursing program.

Immunizations document must be on file in the Health Center before first class session. To maintain confidentiality and expedite your submission, please send your documentations directly to the Health Center via mail, email, or secured fax to (585) 594-6920. Due to significant amount of submissions, the processing and posting may take up to a week.

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