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Health/Medical Insurance

Proof of health insurance during the academic year is mandatory for the following groups:

  • Athlete Students  
  • Nursing Students
  • International Students
  • Students attending school-sponsored overnight trips or mission trips

The College recognizes that there may be students who did not register in time during open enrollment for insurance coverage for varies reasons. The following websites are a few examples of insurance plans to help start your search in locating the right option best suited for your needs. We cannot guarantee that you will find an acceptable option in any of these plans.

If you purchase from any website, please make sure that you have read and fully understand the plan you are purchasing. 

The college has no direct affiliation with any of these companies and receives no compensation.

International students should research medical coverage before residing in the United States to make sure the policy will cover accidents, emergencies, health complaints, prescription drugs, and doctors’ visits. Medical expenses are very high in the United States. The college is NOT responsible for any medical expenses incurred by the student.

NCAA regulations require student-athletes, and international student-athletes have health and accident coverage during college sports participation. Students must find a policy covering accidents, emergencies, health complaints, prescription drugs, and doctors’ visits. The college is NOT responsible for any medical expenses incurred by the student-athlete.

International/International Athlete Students

  • www.fideliscare.org
    Recommended - Most New York State medical providers accept this coverage. We are blessed to have an insurance representative to help students with enrollment. To schedule an appointment with the representative, please contact the Office of International Engagement at immigration@roberts.edu.

  • www.Excellusbcbs.com

The companies below have coverage plans which most Rochester area medical providers do not accept. Those who do accept the coverage involves a time-consuming claim process.  You may have to pay the medical bill first and then receive reimbursement. Thoroughly review the insurance coverage plan to find the best coverage that will suit your needs before purchasing it.

Students/Athlete Students

Roberts Wesleyan College strongly suggests that all students carry health insurance.