Health Insurance

With the passing of the Affordable Healthcare Act, all citizens are now required to obtain some form of medical health insurance.  Because the government has passed this mandate, Roberts Wesleyan College after several years of requiring students to obtain comprehensive health insurance as a condition of enrollment, has repealed that rule for the academic year 2014-2015.  Components of the healthcare reform act impacted the annual insurance premiums offered by our carrier, in which the College felt was cost prohibitive to require students to purchase and for the college to continue to offer. Therefore the College will no longer offer its students a health insurance plan. There are still certain students that will be required to show proof of proper insurance. Please see "Do I need Student Health Insurance" to determine if you need to show documentation.

The College recognizes that there may be those who did not register in time during open enrollment for varies reasons. The websites on the flowchart may possibly offer a solution.  Unfortunately, each state has its own rules so there is not a standard plan to offer all. We cannot guarantee that you will find an acceptable option in any of these plans.

If you purchase from any website, please make sure that you have read and fully understand what you are purchasing.  The college has no direct affiliation with any of these companies and receives no compensation. 

Proof of health insurance is mandatory for these following groups

  • Nursing Students
  • International Students
  • Students attending school sponsored overnight trips or mission trips

Proof of accident/injury insurance for Intercollegiate sports is Mandatory for all Athletes

Whether you are required to have insurance or not Roberts Wesleyan College strongly suggests that all students carry health insurance.