Workshops & Resources

We offer a variety of Workshops & Resources focused on Diversity & Equity. Below is a sampling of current offerings.

Beating Bias:

Mark Concordia, Director of Homeland Security and Applied Intelligence Program

Bias is the act of supporting or opposing a particular person or thing in an unfair way because we allow personal opinions to influence our beliefs. Beating bias aims to teach individuals how to overcome these biases and have fair productive interactions

Cultural Competence & Humility for Beginners:

Herb Alexander, Director of Diversity & Equity

Cultural Competence for Beginners aims to equip people with the necessary skill, ability, and knowledge to successfully interact and participate in a multitude of cultures.

Understanding Unconscious Bias:

Herb Alexander, Director of Diversity & Equity

Unconscious bias training is designed to expose people to their unconscious biases, provide strategies to interrupt unconscious patterns and redirect discriminatory behaviors.  

Understanding Privilege:

Kyle Sullivan, Resident Director and Professor

Privilege training helps individuals understand their given identity within society and the impact it has on themselves and others – both consciously and unconsciously.

Candid Conversations Series:

Click here for a link of resources on taking the first step in race equality.