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Office of Diversity & Equity

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Herb J. Alexander, M.S.L 

Director of Diversity & Equity

Sara Nady 

Student Intern
Office of Diversity & Equity

Destiny Hannah 

Student Multicultural Advisory Council President

Herb J. Alexander, M.S.L

"We believe God is the embodiment of diversity and therefore all individuals deserve equitable access and opportunities to be included in ways that are meaningful and impactful. The department’s mission is to promote an atmosphere in which all people feel safe, valued and empowered. In the Office of Diversity & Equity, we focus on championing a concentrated effort to inspire the Roberts Wesleyan College community to continually value, champion and celebrate the many forms of diversity. We will always work to uncover implicit biases and barriers and aim to create equitable access for all."

Sara Nady

"Diversity expands worldliness. College, for most people, is the first time they interact with people from different cultures and backgrounds. A college campus is like opening the door to the entire world without traveling anywhere else. As an international student, it is essential for me to be in a place that provides education to diverse populations and show dedication to multiculturalism. By moving beyond myself, I gain a panoramic perspective of the world around me and a complete view of my place in it."

Lourdes Sharp

"In its most ideal form, multicultural student success is healing. A common answer to combating oppression and debilitating poverty is to increase education. Coming from a minority and marginalized background, my own success and success for others like me means that we have beaten the odds. It means that we have the opportunity to change the lives of others like us, the ones who grew up next to us, the ones coming up below us and validate our ancestors who gave so much in the midst of being given so little. We manifest this future by uplifting those around us. By networking, helping others, and staying true to ourselves we establish freedom and lay the foundation for a better future."

Mission & Vision for the Office of Diversity & Equity

Mission Statement

The Office of Diversity & Equity promotes and facilitates a campus culture where all people are safe, valued and empowered through education and advocacy.

Vision Statement 

The Office of Diversity & Equity serves to create excellent initiatives and programs that inspire the college community to value, champion and celebrate diversity. The Office will be known for helping the campus community realize and address implicit and explicit biases that serve as barriers to equitable access for everyone. The Office will be a resource for cultural development and education for staff, faculty, students and the surrounding region.

Role of the Office of Diversity & Equity

  • Training on subjects of Diversity & Equity:  Training incoming and current students, staff and faculty
  • Promoting Academic Success for historically underserved students: helping onboard students who may be academically behind because of environmental factors outside of their control
  • Facilitating personal, spiritual, and emotional growth for underserved students
  • Influencing policies and procedures; promoting equity on our campus
  • Institutional assessment of diversity and equity data and programs: creating systems of assessment to measure and track progress and barriers related to diversity & equity
  • Community engagement: working with outside partners and expand the network of Roberts


  • See list (PDF) for scholarships specifically for multicultural students.