Each professional therapist is licensed, has a master's degree level or above and experience in individual, group, couples and/or family therapy.  Our therapists are generalists, but each have specialty areas listed below.

Counseling Faculty/Staff

Erica Cieri, LCSW- Interim Director of the Counseling Center (Full Time)
M.S.W- University of Buffalo
Professional areas of interest: Couples, anxiety and depression
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Katelyn Lee, LMHC - Counselor (3/4 time)
M.S. in Community Mental Health Counseling
Professional areas of interest: Anxiety
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Lindsay Lupo, LCSW - Counselor (2 days per week)
M.S.W.- Roberts Wesleyan College
Professional areas of interest: Grief, trauma
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Dr. Jennifer Aube- Adjunct Clinical Psychologist, Also Professor of Psychology (limited hours)
Ph.D. - McGill University
Professional areas of interest: Gender and trauma/abuse
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Dr. Keri Bassett - Adjunct Clinical Psychologist, Also Associate Professor of Psychology (limited hours)
Ph.D. - Rosemead School of Psychology
Professional areas of interest: Personality Disorders, Disorders of emotional regulation (DBT)
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Medical Staff

Dr. John Connors -Psychiatrist (on campus every other week)
M.D. - SUNY HSC at Syracuse, New York