Our Approach

Vision, Mission, Counseling Philosophy & Goals

Our Vision:

The Roberts Wesleyan Counseling Center will be a Christ-centered, grace-filled place of healing, growth and learning.  We seek to provide professional mental health services an atmosphere that is confidential, as well as comfortable for all persons, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, age, citizenship or physical status.

Our Mission/Purpose:

  1. To provide preventative and restorative mental health services to our clients who are RWC students.
  2. To offer high quality graduate internships.  By doing this we seek to maximize the health, well-being and potential of those we serve.

Our Values:

Competence - by equipping our staff with the tools and skills necessary for holistic professional practice

Excellence - in what we do by maximizing our strengths and understanding our limitations

Hope - by working to dismantle barriers to personal growth whether psychological, financial, spiritual or systemic

Integration - of faith into counseling, when desired by students

Integrity - demonstrated through honest, ethical practices and professional accountability

Relationship - by working together as a team and in collaboration with our clients and community resources

Our Philosophy:

Our counseling philosophy is built on the assumption that counseling must address the whole person as a physical, rational, emotional, sexual, social and spiritual being. We honor client self-determination. Accordingly, we attempt to offer a variety of services relevant to an extended range of student and community concerns. We strive to help our clients:

  • Develop a more integrated sense of self
  • Work towards individual meaning and purpose for their lives
  • Develop respectful and enduring relationships with others