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Resources for Students and Parents During Covid-19

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For Students

Students, we know this is a time of change and transition for you not only academically but physically and mentally as well. As a result, we are committed to give you as many tools as we can to get through this time being as healthy and mentally well as you can. Please see the list below for some helpful resources.

For additional resources, please see our Resources page on the Roberts Intranet. The Counseling Center continues to be available by phone at 585-594-6882 or by email at counselingcenter@roberts.edu.

For Families

Families, we know that you need resources to deal with the current changes in our lives and on our campus just as much (if not more) than our students do. Please see the list below for some helpful resources from the Roberts Counseling Center to stay well and support your student during these times.

  • The Child Mind Institute (childmind.org) is also releasing a daily video with tips for parents on how to cope with the lifestyle we are currently in. This is for children of all age ranges, but are still helpful for parents of young adult students.