You’re putting the finishing touches on an exceptional education at Roberts.  We think it’s part of our job to help you put that education to the best possible use.

To help you get started in your career, we’ve assembled a variety of resources – such as professional and informational web sites, and how-to’s for resume writing and effective interviewing.  There’s even a salary calculator.

Planning a career in education?  The social or physical sciences?  Ministry?  The visual or performing arts?  The federal government?  You’ll find valuable information for positions in each of these fields – and dozens more.  There are resources here to help you choose an internship or a graduate school.  And to help connect you to the world of work, we’ve added a link to LinkedIn.

Take advantage of the resources provided here.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or if you have questions, please contact any of us in the Career Development Office.

Cover Letter Guide

Interviewing Handout

Placement File Information and Forms
 - Placement File
 Reference Note
 - Candidate Reference

Resume Guide

Websites for Internship and Career Searches


Salary Calculator

The Educate to Career (ETC) Salary Calculator provides valuable and reliable salary data for job seekers and employers. You can search by state, region, and occupation type to get results and information in minutes. Spend some time on the ETC site to explore other student programs like the College Majors Selection Program to search by major and find first year average salary data and the percentage of graduates in a variety of occupations.  Click here.