Auditions for Roberts Wesleyan College Community Theatre's production of Peter Pan will be held:

Tuesday, September 18

Wednesday, September 19

 Hale Auditorium at Roberts Wesleyan College

5PM                Registration for Kids/Teens (Up to 8th Grade)

5:30PM           Auditions for Kids

6:30PM           Registration for Adults

7:00PM           Auditions for Adults/Teens (9th Grade and Up)  


Those auditioning are asked to prepare 32 bars of a musical theatre song that shows off their range and acting skills.  An accompanist will be provided—NO A CAPPELLA auditions.  There will be no dance audition.  (Those who wish to be considered for specialty dancing will be asked to attend callbacks!)       

Callbacks will be held on:

Friday, September 21 at 6:00PM.  Those asked to come back for callbacks will be asked to prepare a music from the show as well as some readings. There will also be a choreography audition, so please bring appropriate shoes. 

If you are interested in auditioning but have a conflict for the audition dates and times, please email Eric at to schedule an audition PRIOR to the scheduled audition dates.



Rehearsals for the show will be Tuesday, Thursday evenings from 6:15 to 9:15PM, and Saturdays 9am-12 or 1PM beginning October 2.  The Full rehearsal schedule is available upon request.  There will be additional rehearsals in Dec/January.   



January 18, 19, 25, 2019 at 7:30PM

January 20, 26, 27, 2019 at 2PM




Director: Eric Traugott

Vocal Director: Jessica Stevens Volpe

Choreographer: Mandi Gurell

Orchestra Director: Terry Bacon

Assistant Director/Sets/Props: Marcia Stevens

Producer: Nelson Hill

Fight Choreographer: Steve Vaughan

Technical Director/Lights: Nate Clark

Set Construction: Gene Vogler

Sound: Bob Puff

Costumer: Mary Farmer

Accompanist: Teressa Bala



Character Breakdown for RWCCT’s PETER PAN

Peter Pan – Male/Female, Stage Age 13-20s  Peter is the clever, adventurous, and confident leader of the Lost Boys. While at times he is boastful and self-centered, there is a side of Peter that is caring and joyous. The actor playing this role must be able to convey the complexity of the character and command the stage. The show rests on Peter’s shoulders, and the actor must be able to handle the demands and pressure of such a role. The actor must be an excellent singer, an agile mover, and unafraid of flying. Vocal Range: Tenor/Alto

Wendy – Female, Stage Age 13-18 On the verge of adolescence, Wendy is conflicted by her desire to grow up and her fears about the unknown aspects of adulthood. She is a very pleasant and charming girl who takes on the role of “mother” to the Lost Boys. Wendy must be a strong singer and actress who is not afraid of flying. Vocal Range: Soprano

Captain Hook – Male, Stage Age 40s-50s Outwardly, Hook is a classic villain. However, underneath this delightfully evil exterior lies a weak, washed up coward who hides behind an unemotional and controlling façade. Hook is Peter’s nemesis and detests Peter’s confidence and natural charisma. The actor playing Hook must be a strong singer and character actor. Additionally, he must be fit and have the ability to master stage combat.  THIS ACTOR WILL ALSO PLAY MR. DARLING.  Vocal Range: Baritone

Mrs. Darling – Female, Stage Age 30s-40s  Mrs. Darling is graceful, warm, and motherly – exactly what one would presume Wendy’s mother to be. Mrs. Darling is a featured role with solo singing. The actor must have a maternal presence and a beautiful singing voice. Mrs. Darling may be doubled as a Neverland animal and/or an Indian. Vocal Range: Soprano

Mr. Darling – Male, Stage Age 40s-50s A stern and unimaginative but loving father. This role is a wonderful opportunity for a featured acting role with no singing ability required. THIS ACTOR WILL ALSO PLAY CAPTAIN HOOK.  Vocal Range: N/A

John Darling – Male, Stage Age 10-14 John is the loyal, bookish middle child of the Darling family. He has always dreamed of being in a big adventure. Must be a good mover and be comfortable flying.  Vocal Range: Tenor

Michael Darling – Male, Stage Age 6-10 The youngest Darling child. He is a sweet, bubbly, and likeable boy who is full of fun. Must be a good mover and be comfortable flying. Vocal Range: Unchanged

Tiger Lily – Female, Stage Age 13-18 The beautiful princess of the Islanders. Tiger Lily is brave, “coquettish, cold, and amorous by turns.” She must possess a confidence that stands in contrast to Wendy’s sweet demeanor. Strong dance ability required.  Vocal Range: Mezzo

Smee – Male, Stage Age 50s-60s Smee is Captain Hook’s right hand man. He is a jovial, simple, and loveable sidekick. He is a comedic character in direct contrast to Hook in appearance and physical stature. Must be able to move. Vocal Range: Baritone/Tenor

Liza – Female, Stage Age 30s-40s The pleasant Darling family maid. She travels to Neverland, and represents the ability to grow up and still maintain a youthful spirit. The actor playing Liza must be a strong dancer and unafraid of flying.  Vocal Range: Any

Nana/Crocodile – Male/Female, Stage Age N/A These non-speaking roles will be played by the same actor, who must be agile and able to express animal emotions with his or her body.  Vocal Range: N/A

Lost Boys – Male/Female, Stage Age 8-16 The adventurous gang of misfit boys who have been abandoned by or have run away from their mothers. They live with Peter in Neverland and originally share his desire to never grow up. They are a group of distinct and unique personalities, including Tootles (the sweet one), Slightly Soiled (the conceited one), and Nibs (the cheerful one). These strong personalities demand strong actors who are able to move and have stage presence and energy. All Lost Boys are male, but some can be played by girls. Vocal Range: All

Pirates – Male, Stage Age 20s-50s A group of Captain Hook’s henchmen. These men believe they are sinister and cunning, but are actually a comical band of buffoons. They are continuously out-smarted and out-maneuvered by the Lost Boys and resort to dance to spark their creative juices. The actors playing these roles must be good singers and able to move, but more importantly need to possess strong comedic timing. Stage combat experience a plus. Vocal Range: All

Islanders – Male/Female, Stage Age 20s-50s The Islanders are the featured dancers of the show. They must be very strong and agile dancers who can convey character and emotion through movement.  The Islanders are the native Neverland group.  They are sharp movers who have been on the island a long time, and are very knowledgeable of their surroundings.  They are menacing based upon their physical looks/costumes.  Gymnastic ability a plus. Some actors playing Islanders will double as the Neverland animals, providing a unique featured dancing opportunity. Vocal Range: All

Neverland Animals – Male/Female, Stage Age 20’s-40’s The Neverland Animals will double as Islanders.  Must be very strong dancers.  Dancers must be agile and able to express animal emotions with their bodies.