Organizational Management Success Story

The typical college student has changed in recent years, and the way a college degree is delivered to adults has had to change, too. Organizational Management has been on the leading edge of that change. Time-shortened and degree-completion programs are sometimes misunderstood as “easy” ways to complete a bachelor’s degree or a short-cut approach to learning. Neither is a good explanation of the innovative and creative methods used to create successful time-shortened and degree-completion programs for adults.

If you ask our graduates, they certainly won’t tell you the OM program was easy, but they will tell you it was worth it. OM faculty regularly update the curriculum to be sure content is meeting the current needs of the workplace. Last summer, we gathered our alumni for focus groups. With their help and the suggestions of our recent students, we have added two new modules to the program — Strategic Management and Project Management. The new modules are not easy, but they are valuable skills for our students to add to their management and leadership toolboxes.

Some people see accelerated (time-shortened) programs as a 15-month semester crammed into a five-week module. Effective time-shortened programs are built on modules that introduce, reinforce and bring the student to mastery of solid management and leadership skills. Each module is another building block where a new set of skills is added to previous concepts and applied to real-life scenarios and case studies. OM students also gain research skills, learning to identify problems, research possible solutions, and create a final report and presentation of their research results.

For more than 25 years, Organizational Management has been a successful way for adults to complete a bachelor’s degree while they continue to work, and where their life and work experiences are valued. Many new students tell us it was a family member, friend or coworker who recommended our program. What better way to select an effective, respected degree-completion program than to hear the recommendation from some of our more than 2,000 Organizational Management graduates? We greatly appreciate our alumni referrals, and we thank you for spreading the word about Roberts Wesleyan College and the Organizational Management program.