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Jeremy Rath Named Oustanding Choral Director

The administration, faculty and staff of Elba Central School celebrate as they recognize two colleagues Mr. Jeremy Rath and Mrs. Tammy Plucknette for their outstanding achievements.

Mr. Jeremy Rath, K-12 Vocal and General Music instructor, is honored to be the recipient of this year’s RPO Award for Outstanding Choral Music Educator. Mr. Rath has been teaching vocal music since 2007. Mr. Rath teaches K-12 General Music and directs the Elementary Chorus and a 4-6 grade vocal ensemble. He teaches voice lessons, music class for autistic students and a Junior High Music in Our Lives course. Mr. Rath also directs High School Glee Club and Choral Ensembles. Mr. Rath has also assisted with many musicals, assemblies, and productions at all grade levels.


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