Department of Psychology

“We believe that internships are key for a number of reasons: They help define and affirm career direction for many students, they are an important part of developing one’s professional network — especially if students are headed to the world of work before further graduate education — and internships also foster tremendous growth in interpersonal skills.”

— Julia Pecnik Grimm, Ph.D., Professor, Chair, Department of Psychology

“My internship experience helped bridge the gap between classroom training and the professional world — it brought life to textbook concepts and helped prepare me for a future career in psychology.”

— Kaitlyn Hoflein ’13


Bell Program – Teacher Education

“I joined the BELL Program because I really wanted to experience what college kids do every day. Now I am more independent. The classes are hard, but they are fun; my favorite class was Music in the Church. I really like getting lunch in the cafeteria and I loved the spring formal. I want to be a hair stylist, and am working in a hair salon and looking at cosmetology school.”

— Fallon Kane ’13, BELL Program Graduate


Dixon Schwabl Internship

Hannah Dale

page28-2“Interning at a marketing firm like Dixon Schwabl helped me put classroom theories into practical context. It was like a backstage pass to a play: I had the opportunity to see and experience the dynamics behind brand research, project management, event planning, PR and teamwork in a creative workplace. My experience at Dixon Schwabl was invaluable, as it helped me figure out what business field I might pursue as a career. Beyond professional skills, my internship allowed me to observe the qualities required to become a professional of excellence, and it was inspiring to work among individuals regularly putting these qualities into action.”

To read the full interview with Hannah, visit www.roberts.edu/RobertsToday.


Collaborative Artwork

page28-3 Completed in Art 103 by:

Katie McDermott ’17
Daniel Cooper ’14
Isaias Nieves ’13
Whitsun Koutnik
Shyann Villegas
Paige Higgins ’16
Moriah Wolfe ’16