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Staff Retirement

Jim Cuthbert

Senior Vice President and Treasurer of Roberts Wesleyan College and Northeastern Seminary

Jim has been a member of the Roberts community since 1990, when he was hired by President Bill Crothers to serve as Controller. He was promoted to Vice President of Finance in 1990, Vice President and Treasurer in 1999, and Senior Vice President and Treasurer in 2008. Jim has served the College and Seminary with exemplary competence, professionalism, dedication and humility in his 23 years here. He will be greatly missed. Page14-1

Faculty Retirements

2013 brings with it the retirement of several cherished members of our faculty. And while their professional accomplishments are well worth noting, we thought it worthwhile to highlight their years of dedicated, faithful service with some quotes from the most important product of their work: their students. Each of these faculty will be dearly missed, and we wish them all the best as they continue on their paths!

Naomi Garwood
Assistant Professor of Education

Page14-2 The Department of Teacher Education wishes to offer heartfelt congratulations to Naomi Garwood who retired in July after 27 years of service to the College. Naomi is a person of deep faith and a passionate teacher who has given so much of herself to her students, her colleagues and the entire College.


Ronald W. Hallman

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, Director Criminal Justice Program

“Being a transfer student, I only had two years under his teaching, but he was a welcoming and wonderful professor for those two years. My favorite aspect of Prof. Hallman was his personable approach to the student’s professional and personal lives. I remember making appointments with him to discuss class work, but we ended up spending the majority of our time talking about issues affecting my family. Hallman offered advice and encouragement for dealing with the criminal justice system, and was always willing to lend a listening ear. Profs. Hallman and Trask were the criminal justice department at Roberts, and they worked so well together to create an educational yet fun environment. I absolutely loved classes with Hallman. He will be missed!” — Ashley Bellis (Howells) ’10 Page14-3


Janice Hurley

Associate Professor of Psychiatric Nursing, M.S., P.M.H.C.N.S. – B.C.

Page14-4 “Janice Hurley is a remarkable woman, and an incredible part of my experience in the RWC Nursing program. Her passion in her field shows through when she teaches. I know that she has helped expand the way that I think about mental health issues, and she has challenged me to live a life of compassion toward people living with these ‘no-casserole diseases.’ I also feel like she did an incredible job of bringing up important topics like the issue of bullying in the field of nursing that has helped prepare me to enter this profession as a new nurse. Janice has a way of making her projects and lectures memorable, the best example of this is when year after year she personally acts out the manic and depressed stages of bipolar disorder. She is an incredible woman and an incredible nurse and will be missed in this program.” — Bethany Rawleigh ’13


Dr. Peter Knapp
Professor of Education

Dr. Peter Knapp’s work at Roberts Wesleyan as a Professor of Education brought together a unique life experience that combined the foundations of social need and the humanities with an understanding of the importance of quality administrative skills in the world of education. Knapp’s experience as both a teacher and an administrator, along with being the recipient of numerous professional awards, helped inform his valuable instruction of both undergraduate and graduate students for the last decade here at Roberts Wesleyan. Page14-5



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