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Faculty Authors

Consensus: Education Reform Is Possible
Author: Bill Hayes

Page12-2As we consider the current status of educational reform, it is clear that the United States lacks a clear vision as to how to improve our schools. In the recent past, we have been able to gain support for ideas such as the need for special education programs, free and reduced lunches, preschool programs, and equal educational opportunities for both boys and girls. While programs such as these were possible because of a national consensus, our challenge today is to agree on the way to move forward. Although it is most obvious in our inability to act on No Child Left Behind, the failure to define a common vision is true of many other issues in the field of education. Without an agreed-upon vision that includes the support of those working in our schools, true reform will be extremely difficult. This book helps the reader understand our differences and to suggest a way that we can reach a consensus on education reform.


Marriage Adventures: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life Together

Authors: Carrie Starr, Ervin Starr

Page12-3Vulnerable, frank, witty and wise, Marriage Adventures is the true story of best friends from college who spent their honeymoon in a borrowed tent and — with a deliberate focus on establishing a lasting romance while pursuing financial responsibility — were able to celebrate their 10th anniversary on an Alaskan cruise. Lovers of simple pleasures, unexpected adventures, spoiling others and following Jesus, Carrie and Erv share their struggles and success with transparency and grace. This dynamic couple draws you in and inspires you to follow their example.


Give Me Strength: Personal Prayers for School Teachers

Author: Sharon Harris-Ewing

Page12-4Written by a teacher, Prayer for School Teachers assists teachers who seek to integrate their Christian faith with their work as classroom teachers. There are more than 150 prayers that cover such topics as prayers for thanksgiving, forgiveness, guidance, students of all ages, students with special needs, parents and families, educational and community leaders, people and communities of faith, the school years and the seasons of teaching.


Powerful Learning Communities: A Guide to Developing Student, Faculty and Professional Learning Communities to Improve Student Success and Organizational Effectiveness
Author: Oscar T. Lenning (Former Academic Dean, Roberts Wesleyan College)

This book constitutes a comprehensive guide for readers who want a broad strategic view of learning communities, enabling them to identify which type of LC best meets the learning needs of their students, and the context and mission of their institution. It also provides the tools for planning, designing and implementing what the authors define as “powerful” LCs, and for understanding the assessment implications of their decisions.