Early Childhood

Early Childhood Classes

Director: Ashley Moss Fox, M.M., Michigan State University College of Music

Foster your child’s inner musician through play! Our early childhood music classes focus on developing social, emotional, motor, and musical skills through singing, dancing, and play. Each class is designed to meet the needs of the individual child, and modifications are built into the curriculum to ensure that every child has the best opportunity to grow.


Musiking with Munchkins: Birth-24 months (with caregiver), Saturdays 9:00AM-10:00AM*

Come play with me! In this ten-week course, we will sing, chant, move, and play together, exposing your infant to a wide variety of music and music concepts. This music making experience is very informal—teachers and caregivers will model how to make and explore music using their voices, bodies, instruments. This gives infants and young toddlers the permission and confidence to begin their own musical explorations, using the materials and mimicking the adults in the room. This is a foundation-building class and is very play based.

Tunes with Tots: Ages 2-4 years (with caregiver), Saturdays 10:00AM-11:00AM*

Come sing with me! In this ten-week course we will sing, chant, move, play, and explore instruments together, deepening your toddler’s knowledge of music and music concepts. This music making experience is a blend of formal and informal instruction—teachers and caregivers continue to model how to make and explore music; however, children are also provided with more structured one-to-one opportunities to build their musical knowledge. This class continues to develop a foundation that will lead to success in classroom music or beginning instrument classes.



Location: Room 211, Cox Hall. Park in Lot C, which is at the bottom of the Cox Hall hill.
Price Per Session: $99 (plus $5 registration fee). 
Note: 15% discount on the second child enrolled in this class ($84.15), 30% discount on the third child ($69.30), etc.

* Class offerings depend on enrollment and are subject to change. Class sizes are capped at ten children. Please contact the Community Music School for more information.

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