Roberts Corporate Partners List


Roberts will continue to support Corporate Partners (CP) through this time of uncertainty caused by COVID-19 by maintaining the full 25% tuition discount for eligible employees, spouses, and/or dependents. Also, we understand that the immediate future may mean that employment may be disrupted or diminished; this is why we have decided to maintain CP eligibility until this crisis is over.

Roberts Wesleyan College is excited to partner with these employers to help make our bachelor’s and master’s degrees more accessible and affordable. Through these transformational partnerships, employees from these organizations can choose to study online or on-campus at Roberts, including our extension center in Henrietta, NY!

Corporate Partner employees have special access to a variety of benefits at Roberts, such as:

  • 25% tuition discounts for benefit-eligible employees, spouse, and dependents.*
  • 99+ areas of study, online, on campus, and at extension centers.
  • Accelerated, part-time, and full-time classroom and online options designed to support work-life balance.
  • Experience and Mentorship that comes from our faculty’s commitment to applied learning and focus on student success.
  • Access to an assortment of grants, scholarships, and student loans.

*Unless choosing to receive an alternative Roberts award. 

If you're not a partner yet, just click here to help your employer become one!

QUESTIONS? If you have any questions during the process of activating your "Partner" benefits or trying to help your employer become one, please contact the Enrollment Coordinator for your program of interest or email

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