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January 20, 2020

Elizabeth Stevens Gives Presentations at Literacy Research Association Conference

Elizabeth Stevens, from the Department of Teacher Education, participated in two presentations recently. These presentations were given at the Literacy Research Association Conference, held in Tampa, FL December 3-4, 2019: Cullen, K., Degener, S., Dussling, T.M., Gardiner, W., Hinman, T., Stevens, E.Y., White, K.L., Wilson, N. (2019). Critical literacy in community: A self-study of teacher educators across contexts. Literacy Research Association Annual Conference, Tampa, FL. Scales, R.Q., Vaughn, M., Stevens, E.Y., Kline, S., Barrett-Tatum, J., Yoder, K.K., Wellman, D., Van Wig, A. (2019). An exploration of elementary school principals’ visual representations explaining literacy curriculum adoption and implementation processes. Literacy Research Association Annual Conference, Tampa, FL.

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