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June 20, 2019

Student Spotlight: Arelis Storms, Strategic Marketing, M.S.

Current job: Senior Multimedia Designer, HNI Corporation

Arelis Storms

Why did you choose Roberts Wesleyan College for your graduate program?

I was first introduced to Roberts through an alumna who had wonderful things to say about her graduate program experience and professors. What attracted me to the Masters in Marketing program was the curriculum and affordability.

What is your advice for future graduate students who are balancing family, work and school?

My advice would be to review assignments and readings at the beginning of the week and break it up into smaller manageable chunks for each day of the week. Also, keep in mind you will get out what you put into the program so it's important to dedicate the time to READ. You may also have to "schedule" time for social events you normally would not have to. I'd also advise taking a break from social media and binge-watching Netflix. You will quickly realize you could have spent that time reading or writing, versus liking and double-tapping.

What opportunities have you had to apply what you are learning in the MSMK program?

I apply learnings daily at the workplace by approaching problems and challenges differently. The curriculum does a great job at rounding out your skillsets.

What course (so far) has been your favorite and why?

I would say Strategic Marketing. It was a tough course with a lot of reading and writing, especially if you have been out of undergrad for a while. It was a great benchmark course. You quickly realized your strengths and weaknesses as a marketer. I appreciated learning this about myself at the beginning of the program, so that I could take the initiative to really grow in certain areas and use my strengths to help my cohort. Your cohort also has a lot of knowledge to share, make sure you take the time to pick their brains and build relationships.

How is the MSMK program helping you to achieve your professional goals?

The program is giving me the right tools to prepare me for servant leadership. I also am able to network through my cohort and professors. I love meeting new people.

When will you graduate?

I will graduate in May 2020.

Faculty Feedback:

Dr. Laura Falco, Professor of Marketing, Director, Master of Science in Marketing Program

“Arelis jumped right in and embraced the cohort-model on day one by volunteering to be the class representative. She is teachable, detail oriented, and demonstrates effective communication skills. Her extensive marketing background has been a springboard for her graduate work, and has added significant depth to class discussions and activities. We are fortunate to have Arelis in our MSMK program!”

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