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March 22, 2019

Alumni Spotlight: Steve Metzger ’09 (Physics) and ’14 (Master of Education) Teacher and Pilot for the Army National Guard

Alumni Steve Metzger ’09 and ’14 is serving at home and around the world after receiving both a BS in Physics and Master of Education degree from Roberts. On the ground, Steve serves students in the Victor Senior High School teaching Physics. In the sky, Steve flies Blackhawk helicopters for the Army National Guard, serving in his ninth year as an Aeromedical Evacuation Pilot.

Steve is thankful for the College’s emphasis on spiritual growth that has prepared him for two very different service-oriented careers. As a teacher, it can be stressful serving high school students day-to-day, but he has come to love the school and making connections with students. As a helicopter pilot, Steve encounters very different challenges. He is currently serving on his second deployment to Afghanistan where he and his team face intense situations as they are called to evacuate soldiers and citizens out of harm’s way and deliver lifesaving care to the injured. While stateside, Steve also flew several hurricane relief efforts delivering medical supplies and transporting people to safety. Both career paths allow Steve to share God’s love and care with others in unique ways and his strong faith gives him the strength to persevere on the hard days.

Looking back, Steve remembers that the people he met at Roberts made the most impact on his life, shaping his career path in unforgettable ways. First and foremost, he met and married Jessi ’12 and they now share three beautiful children: Clark, age 6; Rosie, age 3; and Maci who is 9-months-old. Steve also made lifetime friends at Roberts who he still relies on for help and spiritual accountability.

There were also multiple professors who made an impact on Steve. He was struck by the passion of his Teacher Education faculty and how vigorously they worked to pass on their knowledge and experience. Thankful for the optimism and enthusiasm that his teachers brought to every class, Steve now says that he would count it a huge success to bring even half the excitement and genuine care for students to his own classroom as his professors brought to his classes at Roberts.

To current students at Roberts, Steve encourages them to make the most of their college experience. “It’s easy to get wrapped up in the small day to day challenges, but remember to have fun while maintaining a focus on the big picture,” he says. Steve and Jessi live in Victor with their three children and attend Victor Community Church. 

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