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October 3, 2018

Student Spotlight: Marousia Bosch '19, Business Administration

Share what your internship assignment was and where it was located.

Over the summer I was a marketing and public relations intern at Diesel headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In this internship, I provided marketing and PR support to both departments.

During your internship you learned new skills, share how you learned personally and professionally.

I learned more about the latest trends in fashion, communication skills and to be more proactive and accurate in my work.

Share your experience and the knowledge gained during your internship.

My internship was more fun than I ever expected. Fashion was something I always had an interest in and it was great to experience this at Diesel which is an edgy fashion chain for men, women and kids. I learned so much about marketing and fashion, from media contacts to marketing campaigns.

What was your biggest challenge during your internship?

One challenging assignment was to organize a Diesel event with Dennis Swiatkowski who is a highly regarded young photographer for fashion images. Our goal was to make an exclusive, successful public relations event involving many people in the fashion industry in Amsterdam.

What have you learned about yourself concerning your work skills and abilities since the start of your internship? OR Name three skills that you are using while at your internship. Provide an example of how you are using these skills to perform your duties.

I am proud of myself in terms of how I finished my internship at Diesel. I worked 40 hours every week this summer; which gave me a lot of experience and responsibility. I felt comfortable at the company and I feel more confident now to go out into the professional world. After this experience, public relations could be something I consider as my future career.

What from your academic coursework at Roberts was most helpful in your internship?

I only took one marketing course at Roberts which was Advertising. The content I learned was definitely relevant and helpful for this internship.  Overall, the advertising course taught me a lot of concepts that I could apply to this internship.

What have you found to be the most rewarding and challenging aspects of your internship?

The most rewarding aspect of my internship is seeing celebrities wearing the Diesel fashions, which our department gave to them, and editorials in magazines featuring Diesel apparel. It’s rewarding to see that as I was the contact person who arranged it for them. Establishing contacts and connections and having them ask my opinion about Diesel collaborations was something I found very rewarding. The most challenging part of the internship was time-management and being accurate and precise at the same time.

How has your internship helped prepare you for the transition from student to working professional?

This internship was great for networking, exploring a potential career path and adding the experience to my resume. Most importantly, I gained real-world skills and valuable work experience that will hopefully give me and edge.

Faculty Feedback:

Bill Todd

William H. Todd, M.S., Associate Professor of Marketing

“Marousia Bosch exemplifies what we call, a “Scholar-Athlete” because she brings a sense of excellence to everything in which she was involved. I admire the fact that she was away from her home country, the Netherlands, attending a college being taught in a language not her own, balancing the demands of her sport and academics, and involved in other activities, which clearly illustrates her commitment to personal excellence. Every semester she improves since the previous semester. She brought that sense of Excellence to her recent Marketing and Public Relationship Internship with Diesel BENELUX, where she performed outstandingly.”

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