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October 2, 2017

Student Spotlight: Benjamin Consler– Senior ‘18

What did you do this summer?

This summer, Professor Concordia and Professor Grana setup an internship program with the Greece Police Department and I was selected to do an internship as a crime analyst. I was embedded in the criminal investigations unit, which is the detectives' unit that deals with more serious crimes. This entailed reading through reports, looking for trends and patterns or officer safety. If I found something I would let the department know by putting out a bulletin of what I found, which included: why it was important, why it was a concern for officer safety, etc. I also conducted Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping; where data is put on the map to see the trends (based on geography). It allows you to visualize, analyze and interpret the data to understand relationships and patterns.

What stands out from the experience?

It is a very unique program because most internships are observations; I was there doing the actual job and work that a professional crime analysis unit would. It was hands on and real world work that will help me in the future. For some of the work we did, we were essentially starting this crime analysis unit program for them because they do not have one, and as a result of that, we received a letter of recognition. It made me feel really good to be a part of an amazing experience.

What is your favorite thing about studying Homeland Security?

Professors have built it to be a practical major to study. It has a lot of hands projects and the professors are bringing real-world experience and intelligence. They’ve, “been there and done that.”

What is your dream job? How do you think Roberts is helping you to do that?

My ultimate goal is to be a special agent with the FBI. In the Homeland Security program I am learning about both criminal justice and crime analysis to help prepare me for my dream job.

What is your favorite course?

CRJ 403 (Special Topics about Terrorism). Professor Concordia digs into the theories about what defines terrorism, what it is, and why it occurs. It is really fascinating!

What is your favorite spot on campus?

The Golisano Library to read and do homework. The café is delicious!

What do you love about Roberts?

I love the faith-based atmosphere. I have grown up in very strong Christian family and being able to have that here, on campus, is very important. Roberts is a small school, family-like and personal.

Faculty Feedback:

Professor Concordia, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice

“Ben is an exceptional young man with a tremendous work ethic and a passion for learning. Ben’s character and commitment to accepting the multidisciplinary foundation of the Homeland Security and Applied Intelligence (HSI) program was a perfect complement for the intense nature and responsibilities associated with the student crime analysis internship position. Ben represented the core values of the HSI program and the Roberts Wesleyan College well during his internship.”


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