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November 22, 2016

Stacey Hull ‘09 (Criminal Justice and Psychology): Helping to Make Our Communities Safer

Stacey Hull ‘09 (Criminal Justice and Psychology) is fulfilling her career goal by working in federal law enforcement in the Rochester area. Stacey’s work as an Agent focuses on drug and gun trafficking crimes. It is challenging work but very necessary to the safety and well-being of our communities, especially as drug use and heroin-related deaths are on the rise. 

After graduating from Roberts Stacey worked for the Gates Police Department (NY) for 6 years. She completed a Master’s degree in forensic psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and used that experience to help her advance in the department, ultimately leading to her current role. Stacey says, “I have always wanted to be a federal agent and have worked very hard to get where I am today. God has a plan for everyone and I feel God has put me in this job for a purpose. He has given me the strength and courage to do a job that most people say they would not be able to do. A job to me that is interesting and I love.” 

The faculty and staff at Roberts made a big impression on her when she was making her college decision. Stacey writes, “My experience at Roberts shaped my career path because I felt I was given opportunities to explore what I wanted to do, between the internship opportunities and the variety of different classes within my majors. I was treated with respect by the professors and could go up to them with any questions. I was pushed to be the best that I could be and to work hard to succeed, both in the classroom and everyday life. I would have to say Professor Kirby Trask and Professor Ron Hallman had the biggest impact on me while at Roberts. Between their past police experience and passion for their job and their students, it was very evident how much they cared about me as a student. They made sure that I was given every opportunity to explore the field of Criminal Justice. They were so easy to talk to and had so much advice to offer.” 

Stacey looks forward to many years serving in federal law enforcement. She appreciates the foundation Roberts gave her, and is excited for the future. Her hope for Roberts is that the College will grow with the changing times, but that its core values, faculty, and staff will continue to make Roberts stand out and make a difference.


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