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November 22, 2016

Lyndsay Pierce Grimm ’06 (Psychology): Influencing Students Through Residence Life

Lyndsay Pierce Grimm ’06 (Psychology) originally thought she might want to work for the FBI. That was one of the reasons she chose to attend Roberts, to be part of the Criminal Justice program. As it turned out, Psychology was a better fit, and it has led her into an exciting career working with college students across the country. 

After working in admissions at Roberts, Lyndsay’s career has included student life opportunities at Geneva College (PA) where she completed her Masters in Higher Education with a focus in Student Affairs (her thesis was on the impact of wilderness experiences on RA training), at Westmont College (CA), and now at Grove City College (PA) where she serves as Director of Residence Life. Lyndsay chose to attend Roberts because she wanted a Christian college where faith and learning were intentionally infused into the experience, and now she is a key part in making that experience a reality for the nearly 2,500 residential students at Grove City. She challenges them in their holistic development and furthers the academic mission of the college through offering intentional learning opportunities outside of the classroom. 

As a student at Roberts, Lyndsay had the chance to serve as a Resident Assistant. Her Resident Director, Sarah Tooley, mentored and influenced her, ultimately helping her to begin thinking about residence life as a career. Lyndsay writes, “Being able to come alongside others in fostering community and fostering a sense of belonging, as well as being there for someone in a time of need, were all valuable experiences to me as an RA that left a lasting impression. As I contemplated occupations post-college, residence life continually surfaced as a place where I felt like my passions and gifts and the needs of others collided beautifully. I came alive through my experience as a student at Roberts and wanted to be able to pour into students and to be able to openly ask questions about and encourage students in their faith journey. This has led me to pursue residence life positions, specifically at Christian institutions – 7 years as an RD and now as Director of Residence Life.” 

Dr. Rod Bassett was a big influence on her, as he is with so many. Lyndsay says, “I remember in my Psychology and Theology course, we discussed whether Jesus was an introvert or an extrovert and the impact that had on his ministry. It was a fascinating course and challenged my perspective of leadership. Dr. Basset is gifted in teaching facts and critical thinking, while also teaching and encouraging compassion toward others.” 

Memories of Roberts Icon talent shows (similar to American Idol), where she and her friends would intentionally perform terribly in the audition to make the “reject video,” bring back a smile. And as Lyndsay thinks of the future of Roberts and Christian higher education these thoughts come to mind, “Roberts was founded on bringing opportunity and hope to the marginalized, and I hope Roberts continues to do that. I also hope faculty and staff will continue to intentionally look for ways to infuse faith into the work they do, assignments they give, and conversations they have. I hope the students of RWC 150 years from now will seek to serve others well and seek out and embrace opportunities to grow holistically through their time at the College.” 

Lyndsay also has advice for students thinking about the Psychology major. “Psychology is a great major for developing versatile knowledge and skills useful in working with people. I knew I wanted to work with people, but wasn’t sure in what capacity until after graduation. The Lord knew the desires of my heart and used my time at Roberts to grow and develop me in my self-awareness and understanding of others. For those who might be wrestling with what your future career will be, my encouragement is to lean into your educational experience in and outside of the classroom to gain as much knowledge and wisdom as possible, all the while trusting that the Lord does indeed have great plans for you and will provide. In the Spring 2005 I had the opportunity to participate in the Latin American Studies Program through BestSemester. It was life-changing for me and I am so grateful my course load as a Psychology major afforded me the opportunity to be able to embark on that adventure that deeply shaped my faith and compassion for others. Thanks, Roberts, for profoundly shaping me into who I am today! I am incredibly grateful!” 

Lyndsay is married to Andy Grimm ’06 (Social Work). They have one daughter, Parker (age 1). They are attending Grace Anglican Church and are heavily involved in the Grove City College community.

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