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October 12, 2016

Successful Alumni Spotlight


Congratulations to One of Our Own!

Roberts wants to congratulate, JP Anderson ’11 (MSMK), Associate VP of Undergraduate Admissions, who recently received the Business as Mission Award from Spring Arbor University’s Gainey School of Business where he graduated in 1999. Upon receiving this award, he was also inducted into the Gainey School of Business Hall of Fame. The recipient of this reward needs to demonstrate leadership in mobilizing the Christian business community to apply free enterprise principles to advance God’s Kingdom.

Anderson was recognized for his prior work in International Business and EC Institute, a non-profit organization that promoted Business as Mission to students and professionals in North America. Additionaly, JP and his wife Rachel, worked for a Business as Mission company called Trax Technology. This time included an expatriate assignment in their Costa Rica office.

In 2009, Anderson transitioned into Christian higher education where he now serves as Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Admissions. He earned his Master's in Strategic Marketing from Roberts in 2011, an advanced business degree that prepares people to apply the lessons of ethical decision making, leadership courage, and work/life balance. 


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