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May 4, 2016

Roberts Hosts Annual STEM Kids on Campus Day


On April 29, approximately thirty 4th- graders from the Rochester City School Districts (RCSD) – Nathaniel Rochester Community School #3 were welcomed to campus for the day by the Roberts Math and Science Club.  The field trip was part of a partnership between the Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences at Roberts and RCSD where once a month, Roberts students, along with faculty, visit School #3 to cover a variety of topics that are part of the 4thgrade standards for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) topics.

For the Kids on Campus Day, the 4th graders spent the day with the Biology, Chemistry, Nursing and Physical Education students & faculty, rotating through a series of activities that included making polymers and learning about the biology of the senses (taste, smell, sight, touch and hearing). While the activities were fun and educational, each one provided an introduction to possible STEM college majors and provided students the opportunity to see themselves as scientists.  Students also enjoyed lunch in the College’s cafeteria and were accompanied by their teachers and parent chaperones.  For many, it was the first time on a college campus.

Elizabeth (Liz) McNeill, a senior Biochemistry/Premed major, has found the program to be invaluable to her major, her professional goals and to the community.  “It's remarkable! I have many children tell me that they want to “be scientists,” and I believe that this program has played a part in these decisions,” said McNeill.  “It allows college students to impact lives and realize that community involvement is what is important. This has become essential for my future goals as a physician, as I am able to see how science and community involvement combine.” McNeil has been actively involved in this outreach opportunity throughout all four years of her college career. Her passion for this program is evident in the topic of her Senior Honors Project. The goals of McNeil’s project are to revise the fourth grade curriculum to meet the 4th grade standards and to develop curriculum for 3rd grade. The aim is to use this curriculum to expand the program to the 3rd grade in the 2016-2017 academic year. 

The Kids on Campus day was funded through a grant from the Max & Marian Farash Charitable Foundation.  Additionally, a grant from the Joanna Fund provided dedicated science equipment and tools for the monthly school visits.

Learn more about the Roberts Math & Science Club here .


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