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August 30, 2021 President Porterfield Interviewed by Adam Chodak

Dr. Deana L Porterfield and Adam Chodak

President Deana L. Porterfield was recently interviewed by Adam Chodak to talk about the start of the new semester, the Golisano Community Engagement Center, leading the college through a pandemic, criminal justice programs, the Community Institutes and athletics. She shared that last year Roberts captured 5 conference titles and the women's lacrosse team went to the NCAA Division II Final Four.

They also talked about the Christian education students receive at Roberts. "I like to say we graduate students who know how to connect their head to their heart, their spiritual formation and their hands for service to others and it’s all three of those that really matter. So students who come here may or may not have a faith, but our goal is to help them understand that we are all created in a space that there is a spiritual component of who we are," said Porterfield.

"One of the more exciting aspects that’s happening right now is the Golisano Community Engagement Center and the other half is a training area where we are launching the Community Institutes at Roberts Wesleyan College." The idea for the institutes came when President Deana L. Porterfield asked 10 business leaders from Rochester to meet for a day-long meeting to understand what their companies needed and what Roberts might be able to provide for them.

Watch the full interview.

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