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November 4, 2020

Crotser Interviewed for RBJ Story: Telehealth, data, team-based care are increasingly important elements

Cheryl Crotser

Cheryl Crotser, Dean of the School of Nursing, was recently interviewed by the Rochester Business Journal for an article entitled, “Telehealth, data, team-based care are increasingly important elements.”

Crotser’s interview responses in this story:

Cheryl B. Crotser, dean of Roberts Wesleyan College’s school of nursing, also says that understanding technology will be essential for students to be able to be prepared for the health care profession, whether it is technology to serve patients remotely, technology to provide genetic treatment or technology in surgical care.

It has become clear that team-based care improves the quality of care and health outcomes of patients, Crotser says. That means providers need to understand what other health care disciplines do and how to work as a team to serve patients, she says.

“Instead of working in silos, we’re working together as a team for the patient,” Crotser says.

Crotser also says that addressing health care disparities will be another important trend in health care education. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it has highlighted that people of color and people who are impoverished are more likely to die from the virus or have deleterious outcomes from the virus, Crotser says.

“When you think about access to care and how the health care system is set up, do people have the transportation to get to the appointments they need?” Crotser says. “Do they have resources to get the kind of treatment they need, including in terms of the medications they might need? All of those things can contribute to disparities in health care.”

Crotser says that preparing students for the complexity of health care also is an important emerging education trend because of the variety of settings where health care is being provided continues to diversify whether it is in acute care settings, community settings, hospital settings or other environments.

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