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October 6, 2020

Coping with the Pandemic as a College Student

This semester has been like no other. COVID-19 threats loom around us, students may have lost their jobs on campus or locally and students feel like they have to stay in a bubble. Students may feel more alone and isolated in this uncertain time. It's stressful and makes people anxious. Know you are not alone.

Suggestions for College Students

Experiencing feelings are okay.

Given we haven't had a pandemic in over 100 years, it is expected to feel sad, frustrated, annoyed and anxious. You may feel all of these and that is okay! Share your feelings with others, and listen to them too. Give yourself some time to process and reflect on the emotions you are feeling. If your feelings intensify or worsen to the point that you are no longer able to function like your normal self, reach out to the Counseling Center at Roberts.

Have a daily routine for your wellness.

  • Tip #1: Start at about the same time each day. Set a one-hour range for getting up and having breakfast. Be proactive and set goals for coursework to be completed each week.
  • Tip #2: Set times to get work done throughout the day - morning, afternoon and evening.
  • Tip #3: Challenge yourself to drink more water. Eat at regular times and don't skip meals. Be mindful of what you are eating to fuel your body.  Track your water intake on an app to be more accountable.
  • Tip #4: Exercise! Make a goal of at least one physical activity each day. Take a 20-minute walk on the pathways of campus, take four laps on the track, or try online options. Eating well and being active is a great wellness routine to adopt daily. Use your favorite exercise tracker such as Nike Training Club, 7 Minutes and MyFitnessPal.

Get a good night's rest.

Strive for a consistent sleep schedule to get 7-9 hours per night. We are all tethered to our phones, so try to limit screen time later in the evening and limit energy drinks in the evening too. Remember, sleep is a powerful stress reducer, improves concentration and sharpens decision-making. These are all great benefits for college students!

Connect with others & Check in with your family.

Given COVID-19, you are more likely to feel lonely and secluded from others. Make an effort to stay socially connected both on campus and with your family. Let your family know you are doing okay and encourage them to send you a care package for the last week of the semester on campus! Remember, being social is a way to lift your spirits! Check the calendar of events often.

Give yourself a break.

Take time for yourself each day. Take a Snickers break! Enjoy your favorite treat after studying to reward yourself. Treat yourself to your favorite coffee or specialty drink at Jitters, Leaf & Bean, Tim Hortons or Dunkin which are all near the campus - three within walking distance!

Mask up Roberts!

Everyone is required to wear face covering to protect themselves and others.  No matter what your style, we hope a few of these fun face masks make you smile today!

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