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February 7, 2020

Student Spotlight: Matt Bovee'20

Major: Accounting

Matt Bovee

What stands out from your experience here at Roberts?

Of all the awesome things that have happened in the last four years, I believe that I am most thankful for my growth. When I got to Roberts I was pretty ashamed of myself for the life I had lived, although you never would have guessed from the way that I acted. It took some time, but early Sophomore year I fell in love with God and my life changed significantly. Ask any of my friends and they will tell you how different I am now compared to when I got here. The people and opportunities at Roberts have been essential to this growth.

What is the best thing about studying Accounting?

Studying under Dr. Chen. He has excellent experience in the field, and challenges his students to apply their faith to their classes.

What are your career plans after graduation?

I am currently studying for the Certified Managerial Accounting exam. My hope is to work for Wegmans, UPS or the FBI after I graduate.

What is your favorite course here at Roberts?

The best course that I have ever taken is Exploring the Christian Worldview with Dr. Middleton. My thought processes and inherent, life-shaping beliefs have never changed as much as they did in his class. Each day, I was excited to go to class; we were all engaged and asked so many questions. People who weren’t even taking the class, came and sat in on it.

Share about being on the team or being part of a group and managing your course work?

At Roberts I like participating in intramurals. I like playing a sport a couple of nights a week. Intramurals are super chill, and have been one of the best parts of my college experience. Since freshman year, my team, has had a huge rivalry with another friend group from the class of 2020. Each year, we compete against them in handball, basketball, dodgeball, flag football, and my personal favorite, ultimate Frisbee. They are a great group of guys, and playing with and against them tends to be pretty epic.

What’s your favorite food at Garlock?

Luke Laboy’s pizza. Man that guy can cook!

What is your favorite spot on campus?

I like hanging out in Debarr where the Student Association Leadership Team is located. We have access 24/7, so we hang out in there all they time. We invite other friends to come over and then play board games, watch movies, or just enjoy being together.

What is your favorite Roberts memory?

If I had to pick one day; it would be this past semester when our Ultimate Frisbee Club team beat Houghton. That same day I got to mend a broken relationship someone who used to be my best friend at Roberts. When I saw him (for the first time in almost two years), we hugged for so long. The rest of the night we hung out with our huge friend group playing games and rreminiscing about old times.

What advice would you give to a new student?

Life is pretty awesome when you take risks and are down to try new things. Just make sure that you have good morals and do things that you will be proud of when you look back.

Faculty Feedback:

Dr. Michael Chen, Associate Professor of Accounting

In the Roberts mission statement, there are three foundational assumptions to describe the key attributes of our students: spiritual formation, scholarship and service to others. I am impressed that Matt has already been an example of all of these attributes, even before his graduation. In our class discussion and essay contest he always referenced the Word of God as the origin and foundation of his narratives. On several occasions, I was enlightened by his deep questions and analysis. During our advisement conversations, I realized that Matt has a heart to serve other people. Matt is seeking professional certifications and taking the initiative to learn and grow. The spark in his eyes is the best reward (to me as his professor) – and I have also learned from him, too!

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