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October 30, 2018

A Unified Response Against Violence and Hate

The tragic reports of violence and hatred have become all too familiar. But they are always shocking, always gut-wrenching. In recent days, our country has witnessed yet another cascade of viciousness: Last Wednesday, two African-Americans were shot multiple times in a Kentucky grocery store by a white man who initially sought to enter the predominantly African-American First Baptist Church of Jeffersontown. Just three days later, eleven worshipers were brutally gunned down in a suburban Pittsburgh Jewish synagogue as they expressed their devotion to the God of Abraham and Sarah. Interlaced through the horror of these events were multiple mailings of pipe bombs, reportedly motivated by political ideology. 
At Roberts Wesleyan College & Northeastern Seminary, we are once again heartbroken. But our response is crystal clear and unwavering: We condemn all forms of hatred, violence, antisemitism, and religious bigotry. More importantly, as followers of Jesus of Nazareth, an itinerant Jewish teacher, we stand for the love of all people. In full solidarity with all who are being targeted and oppressed by hatred and violence, we reaffirm our commitment to preparing women and men to serve the world by breaking down barriers and creating communities of wholeness and shalom.

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