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May 1, 2017

Student Spotlight: Veronica M. Stauffer ’18

Biology major Veronica Stauffer’18 was ecstatic to learn she would be studying abroad in Costa Rica with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities BestSemester Latin American Studies Program. She knew the experience would enable her to grow academically in the Biology concentration working with sea turtles in her community immersion period. Even though she would be in a different country for several months, without the comforts of home and without family and friends nearby, she was thrilled to go to discover a new culture and its people.

In Costa Rica, Stauffer studied Spanish and Perspectives in Latin America, which involved traveling to Limon and Nicaragua. In addition, she travelled throughout Costa Rica to study different biomes in La Selva, Palo Verde, Guanacaste and at the Arenal Volcano. She also spent four weeks helping researchers collect data about turtle eggs which were laid on the Pacific Coast.

At Roberts, Stauffer has been inspired by Biology professors, who she describes as "interesting and fun". The faculty sincerely care about their students, supports them and are always available. Her favorite classes are Physiology, Genetics, and General Biology, and she has found those professors to be knowledgeable and passionate about what they teach, which in turn inspires their students.

Faith has always been a very personal experience for her, and she didn’t share much with other believers her age. However, when she came to Roberts Wesleyan College, she found there were many opportunities to talk with others who shared her Christian beliefs. She feels affirmed enough to share her experiences and be open to opportunities for questioning her Christian worldview. As a junior, she feels that this fellowship has been one of the best things about going to a Christ-centered college. She knows that God is working in her life and it has encouraged her to be part of a community rather than being individualistic in her faith. She now makes time to participate in various clubs and Bible studies.

Stauffer runs cross-country, indoor and outdoor track and field. Coaches Andrew’07 and Jennifer’06  Dorr have had the most influence on her. They focus on the strength they find in their faith and their relationship as husband and wife. Stauffer said “the Dorr’s dedication is staying late after practice to talk to the team and help runners with injuries; they care so much about each person on the team and their faith inspires me.”

Roberts Wesleyan College is helping Stauffer become her best by challenging her both academically and spiritually. For her, it has been a transformative experience to face the challenges of schoolwork, live with other students, manage finances and learn the importance of leaning on God. As a part of a community of learners, she knows friends and other students who are also facing challenges too, and that is what motivates her to trust the Lord and His guidance and timing. Stauffer can rest assured that He will continue to direct her career preparation and opportunities for growth and learning in new and adventurous ways.

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