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June 3, 2014

Jenn Suhr '04 to Pole Vault on Broadway



Rochester, NY -  Jenn Suhr '04 will be starring on Broadway next week.

Suhr, the 2012 Olympic women's pole vault champion and a Riga resident, will be the featured vaulter in a showcase event on June 11 in New York City's Herald Square.

The event is being held in conjunction with the adidas Grand Prix in New York and will include five world-class vaulters.

"They are running on Broadway and are literally landing in front of Macy's," Suhr's husband and coach, Rick Suhr, said on Monday afternoon. "I think that this is so big and is such a significant honor for Jenn that adidas chose her to be featured in this."

Jenn Suhr, 32, has never been to Macy's, but the owner of 14 U.S. national titles and 11 American records is having a hard time containing her excitement.

"The pole vault has given me so much and taken me so many places that I never thought I would go," Suhr said. "This is an opportunity that I want to enjoy because it's fun and it's historical. I want to come out, have fun and enjoy the atmosphere."


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  (Photo above: illustration provided by Global Athletics and Marketing)

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