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July 23, 2013

Roberts Cultural Life Center - Home for the Arts and More

Rochester, N.Y. - Director David Dunn once held a pen that promoted its source as “the best-kept secret.”   He said he thought at the time that being a bestkept secret was really not a good thing if you wanted to grow. 

The word is out about the Roberts Cultural Life Center that perches on the edge of Roberts Wesleyan College campus. While chatting with its Director, David Dunn, about the past, present and future of the center, one could not help but notice the many signed celebrity photos that lined his office walls. Hanging on one wall was covered with autographs his “BC Guitar” because he played it before he found Christ. Both are testaments to his 30-year occupation as a worship leader - currently at Hamlin New Testament Church. But it was while manager of Kodak’s Theater on the Ridge 12 years ago,  that he responded to an ad he noticed for the position of Director of Roberts Cultural Life Center.

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