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How to use benefits

If you plan to attend Roberts and want to use military benefits, there are a few things you can do to help expedite the processing of your benefits.

Step #1 - Review the Education Benefit Checklist

SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING YOUR BENEFITS: Roberts Wesleyan University reserves the right to reduce a student's Roberts funded financial aid (including merit aid) if the total of the student's grants and scholarship from all sources, including military, meets or exceeds the cost of tuition except where specifically addressed by regulation (i.e. PELL grants).

Step #2 - Complete the Roberts Online Application

Step #3 - Complete the Veteran Information Sheet

  • Once you have completed the Roberts online application, please fill out the Veterans Information Sheet and send it to the School Certifying Official in the Registration Office.

For more information, contact our School Certifying Official:

Susan D'Ambrosio | 585.594.6063 or