Student Life

The Roberts Wesleyan campus can accommodate more than 600 guests per day during the summer months. Our rooms offer a clean and comfortable environment at an affordable price. All buildings are equipped with a cozy lounge and meeting area.  While residence hall room sizes and amenities vary across campus, rooms within each building are similar. The Residence Hall Features listing will give you more specific information on what to expect in each building.

Davison Hall
Our newest residence hall sleeps 200 people in air-conditioned comfort. This all-women residence hall is arranged "suite-style," and has two twin beds per room, four bedrooms per suite. There is also a small lounge in each suite. Each room features beds, dressers, desks, closet, phone, and computer jacks. There are kitchenettes on each of the three floors and one large lounge near the entrance of the first floor, complete with a big screen television.

The "Quads"

Anderson Hall
O'Brien Hall
Updyke Hall
Magill Hall

The Quads contain four 48-bed bed facilities, for a total capacity of 192. Each area of the all-women Quads has four small lounge areas and four bathrooms with a total of eight showers. Each room has two twin beds, dressers, desks, closet, phone, and computer jacks. There is also a large lounge located between Anderson Hall and O'Brien Hall, and another located between Updyke Hall and Magill Hall.

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Miner Hall

With the ability to house 147 men, Miner Hall is set up in suites to accommodate 10-12 people per suite. There are two to three twin beds per room, dressers, closet, phone, and computer jacks. Each suite also has a lounge and a bathroom.


The Townhouses
Fifteen very comfortable townhouses are available for rent during the summer months. They are available by the day, week, or month. Each townhouse is air-conditioned and fully furnished, including a living room area and kitchen. There are two- and three-bedroom units with two twin beds in each bedroom.