Student Life

The Residence Life program focuses on
establishing relationships, developing community,
serving in a time of need, and pointing others to Christ.

Ever shared a room with a sibling-or with anyone? Regardless of your answer, you will not want to miss the opportunity to experience residence life at Roberts Wesleyan College. And yes, that does mean you get a roommate!

Whether your roommate is your best friend, becomes your best friend or just is someone you don't mind hanging around-residence life is a significant part of your college experience at Roberts Wesleyan College. While learning certainly happens in the classroom you may also be surprised about the learning that goes out through residence life-the people skills and social skills you develop. Expect to be challenged, expect to grow and expect it to be great!

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If you have more questions about Residence Life, please contact the Office of  Student Development at (585) 594-6532.