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UPS Website United States Postal Service Website

Postage Stamps

First class letter postage stamps may be purchased at the cash register in the Bookstore. . Other postage may be purchased online at with a credit card; or, at the Mail Center with cash. The Mail Center cannot accept credit cards.

Outgoing Mail

US Postal Mail is collected in the USPS blue mailbox outside the upper level VAC (Voller Athletic Center) doors.

Collection times are as follows:

Days Pickup time
Mon - Fri 1:00 p.m.
  • Last collection time in the area is located at 1485 Howard Road. Mail is collected at 6:00 PM Monday through Friday and 5:00 PM on Saturday from this location.
  • EXPRESS MAIL drop-off is also located at 1485 Howard Road.

Prepare your package mailings by using the website. Go to Click ‘N Ship. Credit card required. Or Use the website. Credit card required.   When your package is ready to send, you may drop it off at Mail Services. 

Campus mail

May be deposited in the campus mail slot to the left of the Mail Services window in the upper level of the VAC.

Incoming Mail

Incoming mail is delivered to both students and employees of RWC. Personal mail is not delivered to employees. Student packages may be picked up with your student I.D. at the service window located in the upper level of the Voller Athletic Center.

Package/Mail Pick-up

An e-mail notification is sent to your Roberts e-mail address when a package or mail piece too large for your mailbox is received. Please bring your student I.D. to the Mail Center window to receive your package or mail piece.

*NOTICE* If you are unable to pick up a package during window hours (9:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday), you may have another student pick up your package. Reply to the e-mail notification you received with the name of the person picking up your package. They will need their student I.D. when they come to pick up the package.

Student Group Mailings

In order to better serve you, please bring mailings to mail services in alphabetical order and allow for some lead-time before delivery date. Following these requests will help speed up the process of delivering your group mailings. 

Forwarding Mail

First Class mail is forwarded during summer break and for six months following graduation. It is the responsibility of all students to leave a forwarding address with R-Serve or they can fill out a form in the Registration Office when they have a change of address. There is no forwarding available during Christmas or Spring break.