Student Life

Frequently Asked Questions

Does everyone receive a campus mailbox?

A campus mailbox is assigned in August to Fall resident undergraduate students. Commuters may receive a mailbox assignment by asking at the Mail Center window.

How do I receive my campus mailbox assignment?

Receive your campus mailbox assignment via your Roberts Wesleyan College e-mail sent out mid-August each year. *NOTICE* If you do not attend the Fall semester; but, attend the Spring semester, come to Mail Services for your assignment when you begin your Spring classes.

Does my assignment change?

Yes. Campus assignments are reassigned every fall semester.

How should my parents and friends address my mail?

Mail should be addressed as example below: John Doe, student Roberts Wesleyan College 2301 Westside Drive Rochester, NY 14624

How should I address mail to friends and professors on campus?

Write your full name in the upper left corner of your mailing. Write friend’s full name in center of mail piece, followed with C/M. Write your full name in the upper left corner of your mailing Write professor’s full name and department in center of mail piece.

Should campus mail have a return address?

Yes. All campus mail should have a return address in case the piece of mail is undeliverable. Put your name in the return address information.

Where do I purchase stamps?

Stamps may be purchased at the cash register in the Bookstore or bought online at

Is I.D. required when picking up a package?

Yes. Your RWC student I.D. is necessary when picking up a package from the Mail Center for package security.

How do I know when my mail has arrived?

Mail is sorted and placed in student mailboxes each weekday morning. When the light above the Mail Services window is on; mail has been delivered.

When is outgoing mail collected?

USPS mail is collected from the blue mailbox outside of the upper level VAC doors Monday through Friday at 1:00 PM. UPS package collection is at 3:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Can I send correspondence to my professors through campus mail?

Yes. Mail is delivered to departments on campus at 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. Use the campus mail slot located before the Mail Services window. Include the professors full name and to what department the mail piece should be sent.