Student Life

In the age of e-mails and Facebook, there’s still no substitute for the U.S. mail.  Whether it’s a care package from home, or important documents requiring special handling, our Mail Services team – on the upper level of the Voller Athletic Center (VAC) – connects you with the important people and events in your life.

Every resident student is assigned a mailbox by Mail Services, which moves all incoming and outgoing mail on a timely basis.  The Roberts mailroom is equipped for every need:  oversized mail, forwarded mail, registered and certified mail, on-campus mail, and more.

Whatever You Need

Need postage?  Mail Services can help you.  Need advice on how to prepare and send a package?  Mail Services can answer your questions.  International mail?  Mail Services has that covered, too.

You’ll find all the information you’ll need via the links listed to the left.