Student Life

International Students

The process of applying for admission to Roberts Wesleyan College should begin at least one year before students plan to begin classes. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is required for international applicants whose native languages are not English.

Three courses of English for Speakers of Other Languages are available: ESL 101, ESL 102, and ESL 201.

  • ESL 101, Orientation to English (3 credits)
    This language course is designed for non-native speakers of English. The course focuses on both conversational and academic English, listening, speaking, reading, writing, American cultural studies, and the survival skills needed for participation in college activities.
  • ESL 102, English for Speakers of Other Languages I (3 credits)
    This continuation of Orientation to English furthers the development of English language skills and an understanding of American culture.
  • ESL 201, English for Speakers of Other Languages II (3 credits)
    This advanced course is designed to increase English language acquisition and American cultural understanding. Emphasis is on vocabulary, grammar, and writing.


For more information, contact:
Laura Scavo - ESL Instructor