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RWC Technology Compliance Policy

Communications Compliance Policy

The ADAA stands for The American with Disabilities Act Amendments of 2008, which retains the ADA's basic definition of "disability" as an impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, a record of such an impairment, or being regarded as having such an impairment. However, it changes the way that these statutory terms should be interpreted in several ways. Most significantly, the Act expands the definition of disability and includes information technology as a requirement of accessible communication.  Essentially, all technology communications available to students must be equally available to students with disabilities.  Roberts Wesleyan College abides by the Rehabilitation Act, section 504 and the ADA, title III.

Electronic and Information Technology:  The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 

This website has been established to ensure compliance with the basic guidelines established and recently amended in Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Amendments to the ADAA (title III) which broadens requirements to include accessible electronic information technology (EIT).  RWC has made compliance a priority by establishing a Universal Design Council* to address ongoing assessment of communication technology, providing faculty members with ongoing education and support, and committing to these policies and procedures by systematically assessing access to technology, programs and courses.  The College will provide:

  1. a commitment to Universal Design for Instruction (UDI)
  2. assistive technology and adaptive equipment to utilize technology on campus
  3. campus web accessibility including library databases, classroom web pages and campus offices
  4. distance education accessibility including video captioning
  5. access to informational and instructional video media (closed captioning)
  1. production of all printed materials in an alternate format upon request (based on documented need)
  1. purchase and distribution of accessible software and hardware

Note:  All printed materials, such as financial aid documents, class schedules, catalogs and department flyers are available in an alternate format upon request. Please contact Annette Willgens in The Learning Center at or 585-594-6270.

*UDI Council:

Vice President for Academic and Student Support, Director of Library Digital Services and Systems, Coordinator of Services for Students with Disabilities

One representative from each of the following areas – Human Resources, Information Technology, Teacher Education

At large faculty (online teaching experience preferred) – Undergraduate (1), Graduate or Non-traditional faculty member (1),