Student Life

Program Overview

The Learning Center is a friendly place that can help you become a more efficient, independent, and self-confident learner, regardless of where you are in your program of study. First semester undergraduate freshman and last semester graduate students are among our clients. Our services are designed to help you if you struggle with one particular course, but you could also take advantage of all our academic support opportunities to help you "learn to learn" and improve your grades. 

Best of all, our services are completely free of charge! Whether you seek individual help to identify your learning styles and strengths, need a study group or tutor, need an advocate as a student with disabilities, or are an international student still in need of English language acquisition and support, your tuition dollars have already gone ahead and put the services you need in place.

For more information on how we can help you specifically, drop by the B. Thomas Golisano Library, or you may reach us at (585) 594-6270.

Learning Center Flyer - When Success Is Your Goal

Mission Statement

The Learning Center promotes academic growth and enhances the learning environment on campus. The personal attention given at the Learning Center reflects Roberts' interest in the academic development of every student.